08 joulukuuta 2008

Hello to all of you!

Since there might be someone peeking this blog, who speaks english, I'll write few words for them too:
So this is the official blog of RadioKontula, a radio that can be seen and heard in the internet, all the links are right there on your left. First link on the top is the link to Helsingin Sanomat (one of the biggest, if not THE biggest newspaper in Finland) and there we have a group called "radiokontula". I'm inviting each and everyone of you out there to join in our group! Then there is a link to floobs, our finnish platform-partner, basicly they are like youtube, only better ;o).
Last but not least there is a link to alueportaali, a platform that was made for all kinds of people in our area, to bring out their thoughts and to tell everyone what's happening in East-Helsinki.
That's everything on a nutshell, but my guess is you game to this blog to see Ken Hensley, am I right...? If so, all you have to do is go to any of those links and select Ken of our programs (there is about 30 of them) easiest is the Helsingin Sanomat-link, because you can see all the material and then you just clik.

Thank you for coming to see us, hope to see you soon!
If you feel the need to comment on anything, please do so.

Yours T

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Very good to have sthing in English, too. Rgds and thnks, Sam.