19 elokuuta 2009

A man with a big heart

If this was written by T-J, it would go: Ken Hensley, a man, who has made so much wonderful music, for example July morning, Lady in Black and The Wizard (Just because he has so much more knowledge, and he would write an wide-range artical about the past & the future)... But since I'm here writing it, it goes:

Last night I saw and heard something unusual.
There was this man in Lähiradio, who told us (The people in the studio and everyone who was listening that program from the radio) that he is helping animals, disabled children and musicians, who can't survive on their own.. Why, you ask? Because he loves animals, wants to make those children feel loved and cares for fellow musicians.

He also told us, that he's giving people a chance to make music, even if they can't sing, write notes or play anything, there is a small payment for it, but all the money goes to charity and he is giving his time for free.. Why, you ask?
Because when he learned to play, he did it the wrong way and he wants to help those, who are struggling with the same problems and because he thinks there is a song in everyone.

As I was listening him, I could not help thinking: There's a man who has grown, who understands what's important and what's not, who sleeps well because he lives his life not hurting other
There is a man with a big heart.

But then, you don't have to take my word for it, check it out yourself... Right there on the left, all the way up, just click your mouse and see...


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July Morning on käsittämättömän kaunis kappale. Raisa diggaa todella.

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Hienoo et laulu vielä kulkee ja soitto kans.